The ancient and proud culture of the Forge Fathers has managed to retain its independence from the Corporation
while others have fallen. Masters of science, artisans beyond compare, the Forge Fathers are the only aliens to trade with the Corporation on anything approaching even terms. While they are far fewer in numbers than humans, the Forge Fathers are renowned across the galaxy for their grasp of advanced technology. They are one of the only species in known space whose weaponry and spacecraft are more powerful than those of the Corporation. Their battle-suits are nigh-on impregnable, the destructive capability of their thermal guns is of tremendous magnitude, not to mention the incredible rate of fire and penetrative power of their solid-shot weaponry. In the field of space warfare, they are unsurpassed. Their ships are much like they are: slow, massive, resilient to damage, and armed to the teeth.

Forge Fathers are a cautious people in most matters, their technical secrets cannot be bought, and they take great pains to conceal the workings of the machinery that they sell to others. The structure, workings and habits of their civilization have only been won by the Corporation at great cost and effort, as the torture, psychological conditioning and mental engineering employed by the Corporation on war captives work rarely on the robust psyches of the Forge Fathers. Were it not for the few disaffected members of this honourable people willing to sell their secrets, the Corporation would know very little about them at all beyond that which the Forge Fathers wish them to know. Human spymasters can never be sure what they have gleaned is disinformation and which is truth. It is also a sad fact that there are far more corruptible individuals in the Co-Prosperity Sphere than in the Forge Fathers’ Star Realm. Corporation Central is well aware that the Forge Fathers have a great deal more information about mankind than mankind has about the Forge Fathers

The Forge Fathers field Dreadball teams such as the Migard Delvers
Forge Father dreadball