After the deflection of the Maruders the Corporation has tasked themselves to wipe the Green Menance of the face of the universe, one such engagement recorder was the campaign on Hadax.


Marines meet the charge of the Orx

"The firefight was intense. Criss-crossing beams of energy sang through the air, superheating it until it seemed they were fighting on the deserts of Halkari Prime rather than on the dark red mud of Hadax. Another stanchion of the bridge exploded but still the damned thing wouldn’t fall.Two hundred Marauders ran towards the bridge, their weapons growling in their giant paws while frenzied drool ran from their tusks. They were eager for battle

and ready to die.Corporal Zimmer of the 23rd Section would gladly grant their wish, but first he had a job to do. He fastened another magnetic charge to the stanchion while around him his fire team opened up on the charging brutes.“Last one!” Zimmer shouted. Whether or not they heard him, he didn’t care. He just needed to fasten this charge in place and then...

The shot took him in the side, blasting through the single place he wore no armour. He grunted and fell, landing in the mud before rolling down the embankment. His feet fell into the river and immediately began to smoke as the acid-stream ate away at his boots. He screamed but there was no one to help him. On the bridge, the Maruaders cut down the last of the fire team and set about butchering them for war trophies.Zimmer began to slide further into the stream, his cries now a bubbling groan as his legs now began to dissolve as he slipped further and further down thebank. He reached out in desperation, hoping to find something to grab hold of and stop his slide into oblivion, but all his

fingers found was the arming device.On the bridge a Marauder climbed onto the stanchion and waved for those behind to come across. Zimmer could see dark shapes, thousands of them, moving towards the bridge. The acid- stream was up to his waist now, the surface stained a dark crimson with his blood. It frothed as it slowly ate away his body, but just as he slipped beneath its surface, Zimmer closed his hand on the trigger. The bridge and several hundred Marauders, exploded in a giant blast of light and sound...

“The Marauders are running,” the TEO said. A cheer ran round the room. Commander Reid let it continue for a moment and then held his hand up. Silence fell like a knife.“Of course they are. Nothing but animals and what does an animal do when its cornered... puts its tail between its legs and runs for home.”“If they make it back to their territories, we’re going to have a hard time burning them out,” an 3rd Class Technician said.“Then we better do something about that, hadn’t we?” Reid opened the commline. “Little Blue, have you been listening?”“Sir.” - “Operation Hammerfall is go!”

- Aggressive Negotiations by Jonathan Peace