When the Corporation first encountered worlds populated by the Orx race, any attempt at ruling the warlike tribes
proved unsuccessful. Entire systems were ‘cleared’ of the Orx infestation before finally someone found a use for the ferocious brutes. General Klimt trained the first battalion of Orx auxiliaries using Corporation war-doctrine, and he was so successful that the Orx were then employed for decades as shock troopers.

What the Corporation did not expect though was that the Orx learnt their lesson so well that soon thousands of Orx rebelled against their masters, deserting and seizing control of a flotilla of spaceships. These fugitive Orx made contact with other worlds where their feral brethren still lived and there they spread their new-found technological and organizational skills.

That was the beginning of the Marauder civilization, a new race of space-faring Orx that spend all of their time raiding other systems, practicing space piracy, and above all selling their services as mercenaries to anybody that is willing to hire them. Both the Corporation and its enemies make frequent use of these brutal but very effective mercenary troops to reinforce their armies when necessary.

Along side their mercenary work Orx love the violence of the Dreadball arenas so teams like the Greenmoon Smackers are common among the arenas

Greenmoon smackers