Mars Attacks - The Miniatures is a tabletop game released by Mantic Games in 2014.
Mars Attacks Box

Mars Attacks Box


Based on the Mars Attacks Trading card series released by Topps in 1962 and the 1996 film by Tim Burton, the game centres around a Martian Invasion of the small American town of Greenville. 


Mars Attacks is designed for two players with average games lasting between 30-60 minutes.  Eachplayer takes control of one of the two factions (Martian or Human) in order to fight the battle.  Like Mantic's earlier games system, Deadzone, Mars Attacks does not use a traditional IGOUGO system.  Instead, as a rule of thumb, a player is allowed to activate two units on the board before the second player does the same.  This procedure repeats until every unit on the board has been activated, ending the turn.

Each player also draws cards from a deck which can be played at appropriate moments during the game to influence events on the board.  In addition, the deck contains a number of 'event' cards which are resolved immediately.

Mars Attacks uses 8 sided dice (d8) in the game.  An additional mechanic, also used in Deadzone, is the idea of 'exploding 8s'.  If a player rolls an 8, they immediately roll another d8 which, if sucessful, is added to their total opf sucesses.  (A similar mechanic is used in Dreadball with exploding 6s).  Theoretically, it is not impossible for a player to sucessfully roll infinite sucesses (unlikely as that may be).

Available SetsEdit

Basic SetEdit

Basic Set

Basic Set

The Basic Set contains:
  • Martian General Tor
  • 20 Martian Grunts
  • 9 Civilian Heroes of Greenville
  • 10 US Army Troopers
  • Ruined Buildings
  • Fold Out Battle Mat
  • Rule Book
  • Counters
  • Cards
  • Dice

Humanity Resists - Expansion PackEdit

Humanity Resists

Humanity Resists

The Humanity Resists expansion pack contains:
  • 'Humanity Resists' Rule Book
  • 5 Stealth Martians
  • 5 Martian Marines
  • martian Attack Saucer
  • Agent Jack Falco
  • Agent Natalya El
  • 4 Novas Vira Militia
  • Novus Vira Heavy Weapons Team
  • Novas Vira Sonic Disruptor
  • Flatbed Truck
  • Saucer Pilot Joe (box-set exclusive)

Accessories and AdditionsEdit

Most of the items in the two box-sets are available from the Mantic website along with the following accessories and additions: