There are Veer-myn everywhere in the galaxy today. They live deep within the settlements of many races, from
airless colony moons to continent-spanning mega-cities, and infest the depths of spacecraft. Wherever they are, they cause serious problems.

Veer-myn steal whatever they can. They have a basic understanding of technology, and an enthusiastic, if somewhat haphazard approach, to experimentation. They strip the machines of others to get to the raw materials they require for their devices, crippling city sectors or ships, sometimes with fatal results.
Veer-myn are naturally secretive and appear to possess a great deal of cunning, so much so that rumours of hidden cities of Veer-myn are just about credible. Less believable are stories of worlds overwhelmed by masses of verminous warriors boiling up out of the ground, armed with bizarre weapons that spit fire and searing chemicals. These, however, are just stories, furthermore stories that are likely to earn their teller a late-night call from Corporation Intelligence.

Dreadball teams like the Skittersneak stealers are common